Thursday, December 16, 2021


I am running for Federal Parliament with the aspiration that the Berowra campaign team can achieve three main objectives:

  • Establish a foothold in the electorate, with the real possibility of a local LDP member elected to the House of Representatives to serve the community.

  • Hold the government accountable to the people, and provide real opportunities for human flourishing.

  • Spread the message of liberty and democracy locally.


Our beliefs

The Berowra LDP campaign is built on four key principles:

  • Personal responsibility

  • Individual liberty

  • Small government

  • Free markets.

We believe everyone should be free to take responsibility for their own choices so long as no-one is harmed.

We believe everyone has a right to individual liberty and freedom of movement.

We believe in small government that does not interfere in our private lives – government that lets people get on with living.

And we believe in the right of a free market – for businesses to trade in commerce without government red tape or constraints from bureaucracy.


We offer REAL LEADERSHIP to tackle real issues.

We are not a political corporation like the major parties. Our candidates and members are ordinary, working people from all backgrounds who passionately believe in doing good for the community.


Join with us

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